Featured tutors 2019:

Roy Percyvideo
His bass sound is rooted in Hot Club, Swing and New Orleans styles, bringing raw street rhythms into Django’s sound. He has worked with top gypsy guitarists Fapy Lafertin, Paulus Schäfer and Nous’che Rosenberg, and is part of the Tim Kliphuis Trio. Roy has supported American jazz icons Duke Heitger, Marty Grosz and Evan Christopher.

Gismo Grafvideo
Gismo Graf, Sinti gypsy guitarist from Germany, is topping the bill – a Holland premiere! The busiest young gypsy jazz player in the world with an open approach. The shooting star of gypsy swing proudly presents with his trio this year’s new album “modus Vivendi”. Those who followed the steep rise of the 25-year old Stuttgarter might have guessed that this oevre is not just another assortment of breakneck variations of Django Reinhardt’s music. We are looking forward to hearing his views on the style in this years camp.

Max Bédouellevideo
Max Bédouelle travelled between classical, be bop and electro, when he finally found love in Gypsy Jazz. That’s when he decided to learn from the best, Tim Klipuis and Florin Niculescu. He now records and plays on French and international stages. Among his concerts he appeared in Asia (Bangkok Jazz Festival & Master Class at Bangkok University), but also in Africa (Dakar, Senegal) and the US. He also plays across Europe as a guest soloist: Belgium (Liberchie Django Festival), Holland (Badcuyp Jazz Cafe), Paris (Chope des Puces, Atelier Chaconne), England (Quecumbar) with the Gypsy Jazz Swing brothers) and Nepal. His latest project involves a conference, presenting Django Reinhardt’s live and his influences (musette de Paris and the origins of Gypsy Jazz). Max will be delighted to share his expertise at the camp.

Mathias Lévyvideo
Versatile violin player Mathias Lévy released his first album “Playtime” in 2013, on the JMS quartet label with Sébastien Giniaux (guitar), Matyas Szandaï (double bass), Jérémie Pontier (keyboard, percussion) and Emmanuel Bex as guest. He also participates in many projects in the most varied styles amongst others, Birélie Lagrène, Emmanuel Bex, Grégory Privat, Gilles Naturel, Vincent Peirani, Adrien Moignard, the Do, De La Sould, Catherine Ringer, Zaz, Anne Sila, Marc Lavoie, François Salques. He also played and composed for the theater (Alain Sachs, Michel Didim, Nora Krief, Valere Novarina) and for cinema (“Empire of the wolves”, “Freedom” by Tony Gatlif, “Open Skies” by Mariana Otero). He is currently filming with his project Tribute to Grapelli, and is working on a project on the composer “Béla Bartok” and a new album of compositions.

Featured tutors 2018:

Samson SchmittSamson Schmittvideo
Samson first learned how to play guitar with his father Dorado. He has played in many festivals between 1994 and 2001, followed by the recording of his debut album Djieske in 2002. Since then he has been touring the world with his own gypsy jazz band as well as with his father, with whom he had the honor to play Django Reinhardt Festival in Birdland, New York. Among Samson’s influencers are George Benson, Richard Galliano, Bireli Lagrene, Toots Thielemans, Florin Nicaulescu, Didier Lockwood, Sylvain Luc, Dominique Di Piazza and Angelo Debarre.

Tcha LimbergerTcha Limberger video
Critics remarking on his achievements have claimed he is ’entirely made of music’, ‘The Polymath king of Gypsy music’, whilst musician colleagues refer to him as ‘the fifth element’. Born into a renowned Belgian family of Manouche musicians, Limberger grew up with the gypsy swing style of Django Reinhardt. Two current projects include a free improvisation guitar duo with classical guitarist Herman Schamp, and Limberger’s much celebrated all-string swing band Les Violons de Bruxelles. After his successful visit two years ago, we’re thrilled to welcome back this inspiring teacher in 2018!

sebastien giniauxSebastien Giniauxvideo
As you might remember from previous camp, Sebastien managed to keep us awake all night long, jamming on Michael Jackson songs until sunrise! This unique personality is also an exceptional guitarist and cellist and one of the most outstanding and original players in the gypsy jazz scene. Spotted alongside Didier Lockwood, Bireli Lagrene and Taraf de Haidouks, he’s an accomplished composer and arranger. He produced albums for Norig and Teofilo Chantre among many others. We’re looking forward to more sleepless nights (just kidding) – we’re very happy to welcome him back in 2018!


bastien ribotBastien Ribot video
Bastien Ribot studied classical music at the Conservatoire of Toulouse, then discovered Gypsy Swing and played with a lot of guitarists like Steve Laffont, Angello Debarre and Tchavolo Schmitt. He won the Jazz prize in the Stéphane Grappelli competition in 2013 and began teaching at Didier Lockwood’s school (CMDL).


8221BB7A-FABD-4734-801F-EEA960CFADFENick McGuire – video
The British bassist Nick McGuire is a stable factor for many bands. He has performed at festivals in the UK, Russia (with Tim Kliphuis & Paulus Schaefer), Samois-Sur-Seine and New Caledonia (with Reinier Voet and Pigalle 44), Belgium (with Koen de Cauter) Limburg (with Lollo Meier). His recent work with violinist Wattie Rosenburg and guitarist Joost Zoeteman is extremely popular with audiences throughout the Netherlands.


Regular tutors 2017:

Tim Kliphuis – video
Award-winning Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis breathes new life into existing styles with a high-energy blend of classical, gypsy jazz and folk music. He has shared the stage with legends Frankie Gavin, Richard Galliano and Les Paul and has been lauded for his musical genius by Nigel Kennedy.


Karin van Kooten – video
Karin van Kooten is a classically trained but broadly oriented improvising violinist with a great love for swing, performing in many styles like classical, jazz, gipsy and folk music. After taking lessons with Oene van Geel and Tim Kliphuis, she found her home in Paris, where during two years she was taught by Didier Lockwood.


Reinier Voet – video
A central source of inspiration for Reinier’s playing is Django Reinhardt although more modern guitarists like Jim Hall, Jimmy Raney, Pat Martino, the Frenchman Boulou Ferre and Eastern European (gypsy-) music have also been a big influence. At this moment is Reinier’s most important musical project Reinier Voet & Pigalle44.